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The New Library Project


Brookfield has been planning for a new library since 1988. We've talked to hundreds of residents, gathered over 1,000 survey responses, and met with other libraries and learned from their experience. We look forward to a library project that is affordable, adaptable and responsive to the way people live, work and learn today. 

The next step is to consider the Center School property as a location for our new Library. 

Why Do We Need A New Library?


The library no longer meets the community’s needs. In the last 46 years, library services have changed dramatically and library use has increased significantly. 


The library is out of space for people, collections and technology. 

The Brookfield Library has served the community  since 1951, providing service at the site now occupied by the Historical Society. The 9,600 square foot Whisconier Road building opened in 1975 with room for 35,000 books. Today the library is crammed in with 65,000 books.

Planning for a new library always starts with a mission that addresses community needs and provides value to the community. Brookfield Library planners have adopted this vision and mission to guide their thinking about the new library.

Girls in the Library

Brookfield Library Mission


The Brookfield Library is the cultural, social and intellectual center of the community. The Library is a dynamic civic resource that provides free access to information in all its forms and is a gathering space for exploration, lifelong education, collaboration and entertainment.


Adopted June 27, 2018


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