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Brief History of The Brookfield Library

Brookfield’s population was 9,688 in 1970 when our library was in the small building that currently houses our Historical Society.  Residents were delighted with the opening of a new library in 1975, especially its New England-looking exterior and light interior.  By 1980, our population had skyrocketed to 12,872 and concerns began that the library may need to be expanded. Today, 45 years later, our population is estimated to be around 17,000 residents.   Considering the increasing number of condos and apartments from the Tractor Barn to the New Milford line, we are still growing.



Our current library is tiny with .58 square feet per capita.   The State average for a library is 1.11 square feet/capita.  Here are the numbers for some nearby towns: Newtown 1.33, Southbury 1.11, Roxbury 3.2, Monroe 1.63.


We want a new library that is fully accessible to all, and one that has enough space to provide for the many ways that today's libraries service their communities. This might be different from what you remember from your childhood.


Libraries are inviting community centers where people of all ages, abilities and interests can find educational and enrichment material and opportunities.  We want to be that place for Brookfield.


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